Are You Stressed and Seeking A Profound Feeling Of Calmness? Nature Is The Answer.

I Know this to be True.

The Sea is the same, yet the Sea is not as easy to get to as are Forests.

Watch the video above and listen.  She speaks of Nature and our profound connection at a level we easily dismiss sometimes.  Me included in the past.  Even with my experiences not only upon the Sea but in Redwood Forests as well...all Forests.

Some who project outwardly a false toughness will arrogantly or angrily say, This is just BS woo-woo crap, Greg. It's just a bunch of damn trees.

Well...acting tough, or being arrogant, or being angry, or having to project anything outwardly to create a wall around how you really feel is an act of Fear. And the ones who scream the loudest in anger are the ones who are in Fear the most...and likely will not admit it, for Fear of being seen in a certain way.

At a deep level, we all Know this to be True.

Think about it for a moment. You're reading these words and perhaps watched the video already. Just sit with it...

What happened to you the last time you were angry or sad, or experienced someone else who was angry or sad...projecting their emotions upon you and you took a walk along the beach, or in a forest, or set sail upon the water for a while?

A profound feeling of calm. Yes?

A dear friend of mine and I created the time to go on a little adventure upon the water a little over a month ago. She was feeling profound stress in her life. At first, even thinking about taking the time for being in Nature created stress for her. Yet by being out there for hours, she felt the power of how Nature can heal whatever it is that requires healing. Her joy emanated from her and could be felt in the space around her as she spoke about how much peace she felt in the moment.

We can witness a transformation in others and ourselves even with just a brief moment connecting to that which we came from eons ago. Nature is still here and so are we.

Perhaps we all can do it a bit more. Healing not only ourselves but our fellow humans as well.