If You Really Desire Massive Change In Your Life - Create An Adventure

So, I had a thought...

I would love to take all of the fear-mongers who wish to control all of us, grab them by their short hairs, and toss them individually far out to sea onto a very small sailboat saying to them while they sit there freaking out... 

"Now you're on your own for a bit.  Sail back to shore and perhaps you'll learn what real fear is.  With that very real experience, perhaps you'll understand how to conquer fear, find True Strength within yourself and have compassion for others, because you would not want anyone to feel what you just eliminated."

But alas...I cannot.  Nor would I really, for each individual Child of God is here on this planet to learn their own lessons in life.  Who am I to judge another's path?

We can all deal with the illusion of chaos created by the ones in power by knowing two simple things.

  1. We collectively created the ones in power through peaceful action.
  2. We can collectively un-create the ones in power through peaceful action.

Both of the two things involve Choice.  Choice already made and accepted by us and choice we can make in the future.  The trick is, do we create choices based in Fear or do we create choices based in love for our fellow human beings who at a Soul level...are all the same?  The answer to that question is obvious and simple.

We must begin with ourselves on an individual level and how we see others.  Do you agree?

We all make choices every day.  

Choose to be angry at anyone for any reason you decide upon and you will create more anger.  Is that what you want?  If you feel anger right now about anything, how does it make you feel inside?  Like crap?  Well...you chose it.  

At any second of any day, we can all choose differently.  Yes, sometimes it is hard.  

I was pissed off about something yesterday for a moment and realized that I felt like crap by wallowing in the anger.  So, I laughed at myself, turned off the source of what I allowed to influence the creation of my anger and decided in a moment to not be angry anymore.

Patience.  Patience. Patience.

The Change we all seek will not happen overnight, nor will it happen as quickly as we desire...but it will happen if we choose to create positive change.  One baby step at a time with Patience.

And it all begins with your personal choice.  My personal choice.  Our collective, global choice.

It has been said that the Buddha stated, "Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without."

I believe the same applies to happiness, thus I Am in my Knowing nothing out-pictured in my life will "make" me happy...no other person, place or human created system. Happiness, Love and Peace becomes a choice made from within. I Am Happy. So be it...so it is.  

Something I learned the hard way during my half-century of life.

It is amazing to me in a good way, how we can travel our paths of life and learn through intensity. I've run around looking for those things for most of my life and they always seemed to be out of reach.

They were all there all along...
all I had to do was to make a choice...
It is quite easy to see when we say to ourselves...

"I Am Here. I Am Here. I Am Here."